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Family Dentist Near Me: Your Partner in Maintaining Family Oral Health

Our team of Hazen Smiles dentists, hygienists and dental assistants

Are you currently wondering about finding a family dentistThis link leads to Family Dentistry page near Hazen, ND?

Well, wonder no more because Hazen SmilesThis link leads to Home page is here to make your dental care journey a breeze.

As your friendly dental squadThis link leads to Meet Us page, we’re all about keeping those pearly whites sparkling and healthy, right here in our cozy corner of Hazen.

So, let’s chat about why having a family dentist in your neighborhood is the ultimate win for your family’s smiles

Why choose Hazen Smiles for your family’s dental care?

When it comes to family dentists near you, Hazen Smiles stands out like a shining beacon of dental goodness.

Here’s why:

Convenience at your doorstep

Located right in Hazen, ND, we’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from your doorstep. No more long drives or tedious commutes to get your dental care sorted!

Find out about your first visitThis link leads to Family Dentistry page here.

Expert care, personalized for you

Led by the dynamic duo of Dr. Keely GoterThis link leads to Doctor’s page and Dr. Krysta SellersThis link leads to Doctor’s page, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch dental care tailored to your family’s unique needs.

A warm welcome for every smile

At Hazen Smiles, we believe in creating a welcoming and relaxed environment for our patients of all ages. Everyone is part of our dental family, from the littlest tooth fairies to seasoned grin veterans!

Services that keep your smile bright

We provide a wide range of dental services with care and dedication.

Hazen Smiles also offers a range of general family services to keep your family’s smiles in tip-top shape.

Family of four hug and smile outside in Hazen, ND

Cleanings and exams

Regular cleanings and checkups are the cornerstone of good dental health. Let us keep those smiles sparkling and healthy with our thorough cleanings and comprehensive exams.

Fluoride treatments

Protect your family’s teeth from decay with our fluoride treatments, designed to strengthen enamel and ward off cavities.

Dental sealants & fillings

Keep those pesky cavities at bay with our expertly applied dental sealants and fillings. Say goodbye to tooth decay and hello to a cavity-free smile!

Oral cancer screenings

Early detection is key when it comes to oral cancer. Our screenings are quick, painless, and could save a life.

Gum disease prevention & treatment

Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy smile. Let us help you prevent and treat gum disease, ensuring your family’s smiles stay bright and beautiful for years.

Conveniently located for your busy life

Living in HazenThis link opens a new tab to Google Maps, ND means you’re never far from the care you need.

And if you’re coming from nearby areas, we’ve got you covered, too!

Check out these travel times to Hazen Smiles from three neighboring locations:

Bismarck, ND
Just 70 miles away, with a smooth drive of approximately 60 minutes.
Beulah, ND
A mere 10 miles separates you from us, with a quick 15-minute jaunt.
Washburn, ND
A scenic 32-mile drive will have you at Hazen Smiles in around 35 minutes.

Your smile deserves the best

When it comes to family dentists near you, Hazen Smiles is your go-to destination for top-quality dental care with a personal touch.

With our expert team, comprehensive services, and convenient location, we’re here to make your dental experience a breeze.

So why wait? Schedule your appointment today, and let us keep your family’s smiles shining bright!

If you’d still like to know more, you can pop over to our Family Dentistry frequent question section. You’ll find out all you need there, or just call us.

Ready to schedule your family’s next dental adventure? Book now with Hazen Smiles!

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We are conveniently located in Hazen, ND, but we happily welcome people from all locations, including Bismarck, Washburn, and Beulah, ND. We look forward to meeting you.

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