Comprehensive Exams: The Gateway to Your Smiles For Life

Unveiling Hazen Smiles' approach to dental wellness.

Have You Noticed Signs of Oral Health Issues?

Find your solutions with Hazen Smiles!

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As you prioritize your oral health, Hazen Smiles offers comprehensive exams to ensure your smile’s longevity and vitality.

Dr. Goter and Dr. Sellers, our experienced dentists, meticulously examine your oral cavity to detect potential problems before they escalate.

We identify underlying issues swiftly and efficiently through digital X-rays and comprehensive evaluations.

Common Patient Problems:

  • Undiagnosed dental decay

  • Unnoticed gum disease

  • Overlooked oral abnormalities

  • Ignored lifestyle habits impacting oral health

  • Neglected oral hygiene practices

Let Hazen Smiles be your partner in achieving optimal oral wellness.

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The Advantages of Comprehensive Exams

Enhancing your oral health journey.

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Early Detection

Our exams uncover dental issues in their earliest stages, preventing further complications.

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Personalized Care

We tailor our approach to address your specific concerns and goals, ensuring comprehensive treatment.

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Preventive Maintenance

By identifying potential problems early on, we help you maintain a healthy smile for years.

What Are Comprehensive Exams?

Elevating dental care at Hazen Smiles.
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Comprehensive exams at Hazen Smiles encompass thorough dental health evaluations, including teeth, gums, and overall oral structures.

Led by Dr. Goter and Dr. Sellers, our team employs advanced techniques and technology to ensure precise diagnoses.

Many individuals overlook the importance of regular dental checkups, leading to undetected oral health issues.

At Hazen SmilesThis link leads to Home page, we understand the significance of proactive dental care.

Our comprehensive exams are tailored to address your unique needs, promoting long-term oral health and wellness.

  • Digital X-rays

  • Exam of gum health

  • Head and neck exam

  • Oral hygiene instruction

  • Lifestyle habits and overall health

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‘‘Everyone there is always in a great mood! They do stuff in a timely manner also! Would definitely recommend!’’

- Harlee. Z.

Discover the Hazen Smiles' Difference For Your Comprehensive Exams

Elevating your dental experience with smiles for life!
Our team of Hazen Smiles dentists, hygienists and dental assistants

At Hazen Smiles, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout your visit.

Our welcoming environment ensures a sense of familiarity, helping you feel at ease from the moment you step through our doors.

During your comprehensive exam, indulge in our amenities, including:

  • Cozy blankets

  • Personalized TV entertainment

  • Plush neck pillows

  • Soothing massage chairs

Experience dental care like never before at Hazen Smiles, where your comfort is our priority.

Our team of Hazen Smiles dentists, hygienists and dental assistants
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